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Roundup: Cat On Yer Head at IndieCade 2013

We recently returned from Culver City in California, where Cat On Yer Head was included in IndieCade’s Official Selection for 2013. This was Playniac’s second year in a row at IndieCade, and we’re grateful to them for extending their hospitality to us once more!

CoYH Indiecade

Cat On Yer Head followed the Red Carpet Awards ceremony at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) on October the 6th 2013. A crowd of around 50 were present for the game’s Transatlantic debut, where the game designer crowd invented ideas such as a stealthy cat hunter (Chris Bell), rhythm-based timing (Colleen Macklin), 20s popup timers on the cheese and some uncannily accurate cat and mouse impressions (Eric Zimmerman).

It’s a joy to have brought the game to an American audience, but Cat On Yer Head will return home to London in 2014. Be sure to keep an eye on our website and follow us on Twitter for further updates!

Events International Racing Squirrels

Roundup: Playniac at IndieCade East

We recently got back from New York, where International Racing Squirrels was selected as a featured game in IndieCade East running from 15-17 Feb at the Museum of the Moving Image. We’re very grateful to our hosts and thrilled that so many people came out to try the game!


Games blog Albotas wrote about the festival and described International Racing Squirrels as “something akin to Game Dev Story” – thanks for that! Here’s their full interview with Rob that draws more on that comparison and includes a hint about one of the new race track locations coming soon.


International Racing Squirrels at IndieCade East

We’re looking forward to showcasing IndieCade-finalist International Racing Squirrels as part of IndieCade East at the Museum of the Moving Image, New York from 15th to 17th Feb. There’s a flyer below, a full list of the showcased games here and ticket and event info here. Come say hello if you are in town, and if you would like to give us a hand showing the game drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.

IndieCade East flyer

Events International Racing Squirrels

Roundup: Playniac TV interviews

We’ve just had some TV interviews posted. First up, Ashton Kutcher’s channel Thrash Lab made a documentary about IndieCade featuring many of the finalists and none other than industry legend John Romero, creator of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. Our segment starts at 1:04 mins.

US TV channel G4TV interviews Rob outside IndieCade about how we developed the characters and world of International Racing Squirrels. The piece also covers several fellow finalists including Hidden In Plain Sight, Open Source, Qasir al-Wasat and Vornheim. The bit about our game starts at 2:35 mins.

Next Lisa and Josh from The Game Station and IndieStatik interview Rob and Matt at IndieCade, discovering how International Racing Squirrels got its name and that not one, but two IndieCade finalists’ games were invented in bars! They also talk about Open Source, Tengami, Blindside and Bloop. Our segment starts at 5:45 mins.

Indie Game Reviewer talked to Rob about the design of International Racing Squirrels, how he got started making games and the exciting future for indie games and the work of indie game makers.

Finally, Sky TV’s PLAYR show interviews Rob at the Develop Indie Showcase in July, covering some of the financial aspects of the game. It’s a long show, so we jump to the International Racing Squirrels segment.

So does this mean we can now say “as seen on TV”?

International Racing Squirrels

International Racing Squirrels out on iPad!

To coincide with IndieCade, we’re excited to announce the release of International Racing Squirrels for iPad 2 and 3. It’s available now to download on the App Store!*