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Great Leader is a fast-paced, subversive strategy game for PCs, consoles and handhelds in development by Playniac.


The game won initial funding from Abertay Prototype Fund and has been play tested internationally at festivals.


  • Arcade-action fast-paced strategy game.
  • Multiplayer on a single PC.
  • Different building types with different characteristics and powers.
  • In-map power ups that are won from your enemies with a bidding system.
  • Subversive game action that lets you be Big Brother


Player reponses at Geek 2014 YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Geek 2014 Featured Game" Margate, UK, 2014
  • "IndieCade East 2014 Official Selection" New York, USA, 2014

Selected Quotes

  • "A game that makes me want to keep going until I win. I couldn't highly recommend it enough."
    - Noaksey, YouTuber, Website
  • "I love how quick it is. So quick and so enjoyable. I can see myself playing it again and again and again."
    - Kimberley Steward, Event Organiser, Geek 2014
  • "A fast-paced, fun, intense area-control game."
    - Nathan John, Indie Developer, Standpoint
  • "A strategy mechanic turned into something really fast and arena based. Really enjoyable."
    - Player, Geek 2014

About Playniac

Playniac makes thinky games. We're a London-based studio that produces digital games on multiple platforms and experiments with game design in all forms.

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Great Leader Credits

Rob Davis
Game Designer & Developer, Playniac

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