Anomaly X

Anomaly X logo

★ “The algebra model is perfectly integrated with the narrative environment.” – Serious Game Market
★ Serious Play Awards 2016 Silver Medal Winner
★ TIGA Awards 2016 Finalist

A tower that has existed since the beginning of time…

Anomaly X tower intro

A garbled call for help…

Anomaly X lab level

A brilliant scientist missing…

Anomaly X geology lab with Myla

Experimental technology at the forefront of trans-dimensional physics…

Anomaly X vortex upgrade

Anomalies… everywhere…

Anomaly light puzzle

Featuring 60 levels, generative puzzles, five environments, an original soundtrack and three years of algebra curriculum, Anomaly X is a new Playniac game made with Amplify Games and coming soon to PC and tablet.

Anomaly X botany lab