Cat On Yer Head Events

Cat On Yer Head mini-tour

Cats and mice have been running wild across London during the past two months, as Playniac’s mass-participation, non-digital crowd game Cat On Yer Head went on tour across four comedy and games venues in the UK’s capital. Cheese was gobbled, mice were teleported, and one game even featured an “elephant on yer head” as a variety of audiences all brought their imaginations to bear.

The four-stop tour began on the 5th of May at Conway Hall in Holborn, where around 450 people took part in the game as part of Sunday Assembly. The two-tier layout of the hall meant that a ‘balcony hop’ rule was introduced, with the cat and mouse leaping and climbing in three dimensions. The game also featured a super-powered were-mouse, and plenty of frantic chases to gobble up cheese.

On the 18th of May, Cat On Yer Head descended onto GameCamp 6 at London South Bank University. Here, 30 or so game designers and enthusiasts played games involving an owl patrolling the perimeter, teleporters to let the mouse hop to safety, and even an elephant, there to stomp on the cat or be scared away by the mouse.

Cat On Yer Head then emerged in Bethnal Green as part of The Litmus Test – an night of science-themed comedy. Players there devised entirely new rules, in the form of flea and mouse-trap penalties with a spin-the-bottle randomiser, and an evil cheese to catch the mouse out.

CoYH @ Litmus Test

Finally, the game returned on the 6th of June at Pub on the Park in Hackney, as part of All Your Internet Are Belong to Us. This lively crowd played some simpler games involving cheese and teleporters, embracing Cat On Yer Head as part of a ‘digital’ comedy night.

Cat On Yer Head will return soon – stay tuned to its web page for new venues and dates! In the meantime you can relive the mini-tour on Storify, or check out our photo gallery on Flickr.