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Adobe showcase our “wild, colorful” game

We’re delighted that Adobe chose to feature International Racing Squirrels in their ongoing Adobe Gaming showcase. They also interviewed us about making games for Adobe TV, wrote about our “wild, colorful new title” in a blog post and published a detailed case study, describing the game as “a race management sim packed with substance and irony.” They’ve since featured our game on Adobe stands at PAX Dev 2012 (Seattle), IndieCade 2012 (Los Angeles) and Game Developer Conference 2013 (San Francisco).

International Racing Squirrels was created using Adobe Flash and we delivered the iPad version using Adobe AIR. We developed a number of approaches for sharing code across multiple application versions and having the game dynamically “adapt” to it’s environment, whether that be it’s own site, Facebook, Kongregate, other 3rd party sites or different hardware platforms, such as iOS and Android.

Adobe Gaming Showcase

We also found a number of ways to optimise Flash content for use both online (as a SWF) and on devices (as an AIR application). This includes features such as dynamic asset loading, so that a large web game can start up quickly, and code-controlled manipulation of animations, so that the game will run optimally on, say, an iPad 2 or Google Nexus 7. From the outset, we took a lot of care with memory management and garbage collection, closing all memory leaks using profiling tools.

Connecting to external services such as Flurry or TestFlight was relatively straightforward using the Adobe Native Extensions (ANEs) they provide. Most of the extremely useful ANEs we used for Apple services were provided by Milkman Games, who include in-depth documentation and sample code.

Playniac case study thumbnail

Our Adobe Customer Snapshot, entitled Adobe Gaming & Playniac, offers “a glimpse into the world of international squirrel racing” and details our cross-platform development process:

“Playniac relies on Adobe Game Developer Tools to create and deploy games across multiple platforms and devices from one code base. ‘This enables us to rapidly and cost-effectively achieve results not possible using native app development alone,’ says Rob Davis, founder and director of Playniac. Davis adds that the array of native extensions in Adobe AIR enables easy integration with Game Center, Push Notifications, In-App Purchases, advertising and analytics—essential tactics for extending reach, maximizing engagement, and generating revenue.”

You can download the full PDF here.