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Squirrels in Parliament!

International Racing Squirrels was mentioned recently in a House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee inquiry into support for the creative industries.

House of Parliament

Contributors to the 26th Feb 2013 session, which highlighted the importance of the UK’s games sector to the overall UK economy, included Eidos Life President Ian Livingstone CBE, UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist and TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson.

Dr Jo Twist discussed how movies are often funded by public monies such as the National Lottery, Film Council, BBC Films and Film 4, whereas the British games industry does not currently benefit from such funds. “The fear factor and misconception around games not constituting public service content is mistaken and flawed. Games are not just for children and they are part and parcel of what a modern content company should be commissioning, should be thinking about and should be giving the opportunity for developers to create.”

MP Paul Farrelly responded, mentioning International Racing Squirrels and saying “I’m going to have a look at that when I get back to the office.”

You can read UKIE’s summary of the select committee meeting, with coverage of all of the topics covered, here and a full transcript of the session here.

We wish the minister’s new racing team the best of luck!

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