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Announcing International Racing Squirrels

International Racing Squirrels is our brand new game about to go into production for Channel 4. We will be developing a race team management sim to help teenagers get to grips with the heady world of finance.

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The game combines quirky characters, treetop racing action and real world financial understanding. Players start with a single racing squirrel and £100 in the bank; they must manage their finances – and squirrels – to race to victory, or they will crash and burn and their squirrels will go hungry.

“British broadcaster Channel 4 has announced that it will continue to invest heavily in the UK games industry, revealing ten new educational-based games commissioned for 2011.” – Mark Brown, Wired

“I think the British indie scene is amazing, and we really benefit from that, that sense of character.” – Alice Taylor, Channel 4 Education Commissioning Editor interviewed in Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Given the financial climate, managing money has been made a priority.” – Jemima Kiss, The Guardian

“Financial management is a core theme for next year’s line-up. Developer Playniac will produce a personal finance game aimed at 15-16-year-olds.” – Jessica Davies, New Media Age

“Somewhat more whimsical is Playniac’s International Racing Squirrels a game about managing a team of … well, the clue is in the title. I guess this teaches kids about contracts and finances. Plus the very real demands of international squirrel racing.” – Peter Parrish, incgamers

“Described as ‘Championship Manager with squirrels’, you manage a sports team made up of squirrels. Decidedly non-cutesy squirrels, we’re assured. Just in case you were worried. (…) International Racing Squirrels just has me desperate to know what it is.” – Keza MacDonald, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“MASSIVE WANT: International Racing Squirrels” – Michael French, Editor-in-Chief of Develop, MCV and via Twitter

More coverage in EdgeDevelop, gameindustry.bizMCV, Digital Spy, Broadcast (requires subscription) and Televisual. Watch this space for more details and check our Twitter feed for beta invites.

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Photo by tarielk on deviantART.

In further news, Scientific American write about the relative racing capabilities of squirrels, elephants and pigs, concluding that an elephant “can sprint at roughly the same speed as a squirrel” and the New York Times writes about how smart squirrels are.

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